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Performance vs. Trust

Please watch this brilliant presentation about toxic leaders.

My short comment on this:

Managers who are designed for high efficiency see only one thing: their success.

Instead of going ahead, giving the direction because they (should) know the way to the goal, they drive their "team" on, relying on authority in order to fully implement their ideas. The individual team member does not count for anything.

On the contrary: If the manager feels impaired in his performance by a team member, he urges them to be exchanged. That arouses fear. And fear forces mistakes. Just like overloading does.

The irony is that an intense focus on efficiency makes these kind of leaders less effective overall. Instead, the team and the climate in the team suffer.


Thorsten Czerwinski,
Berater für Markenführung
Thorsten Czerwinski
  • 54 Jahre, verheirat, zwei Kinder
  • wohnhaft in Bad Endorf, Bayern
  • gebürtiger Dortmunder und Freund des BVB
  • leidenschaftlicher Bergsteiger und Mountainbiker
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